Therapeutic Areas:

Infectious Disease

Clinical Pharmacology II


Have extensive experience of numerous MODELS and METHODOLOGIES in healthy volunteers and patients including:

  • Computerised test batteries for psychometric and cognitive function

  • Tests of psychomotor function such as saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements and adaptive tracking

  • Various models for testing analgesia including cold and ischaemic pain

  • Non-invasive cardiovascular measurements including forearm plethysmography, systolic time intervals, ultrasound, thoracic impedance

  • Gastrointestinal transit and gastric pH monitoring

  • Respiratory function tests such as whole body plethysmography, flow volume loops and spirometry with bronchial challenge using various agents

  • Measurement of cough using various stimuli

  • Skin wheals and flares and bronchial provocation for antihistamininic activity

  • Hyperinsulinaemic euglycaemic clamps and other tests of glucose homeostasis

  • Measurement of many other biomarkers such as platelet aggregometry,  lipoxygenase activity, ACE activity

Clinical Pharmacology I

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